Betsey Johnson's Mexican Villa is Available for Your Next Girls' Trip

Prepare to do some major cartwheels: Betsey Johnson's Zihuatanejo, Mexico villa is listed on Airbnb. Do you have any idea what this means? This means you—yes, you—could be lounging on this overstuffed couch with a margarita in hand, leaning back against these jewel-toned pillows that Betsey HERSELF strew.

Can you see why we're beside ourselves? But you'd better believe that for $618 a night, you'll be getting a lot more than a cushy seating situation. Here's a little more about the site of your next girls' getaway:

The place is dubbed "BetseyVilla," just in case you missed those bubble-gum-pink portraits of its proprietor. It has four bedrooms and can hold eight guests—and yes, we just divided $618 by eight. It's $77.25. (Not. Bad!)

There's a pool with a "lounging terrace," an outdoor kitchen with a grill, and a gym with its own steam room. And, you won't have to miss any Game of Thrones, because the place is hooked up with Netflx and cable TV.

But, honestly? With all due respect to Jon Snow, there are better ways to entertain yourself at this color-drenched palace. And if you need ideas, Betsey's spelled them out on some swag you can only get at her villa.

This handy towel lists "surf," "tacos," love," "laugh," and "lounge" as just a few things you can do to wile away your stay. Heaven, we tell you! Now, who's in for splitting that nightly bill—and some tacos de adobada?

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