Credit: Moises De Pena/WireImage; Courtesy of Sponge

As most of you already know, Bethenny Frankel—star of Bravo's insanely successful Bethenny Getting Married?—isn't one to feel self-conscious. But that doesn't mean she isn't conscientious—especially when it comes to her beauty routine. This 39-year-old new mommy wore high heels and mini-dresses for most of her pregnancy. Her secret for avoiding cankels? "SPONGE Skincare Anti-Fatigue Leg Cream! It helped my legs feel invigorated and less swollen. I think showing a little leg during pregnancy is sexy, but not if you're limping around," she told us. She's also a fan of the line's Lavender Aromatherapy Mist: "Right after a bath when I'm winding down for bed the lavender scent really quiets everything down." We'll take one of each—along with a Skinnygirl Margarita, of course.