Bet You Didn't Know Your Flat Iron Could Make Popcorn

Flat Iron Popcorn Header
Photo: Getty Images

Prepare to be amazed. There’s a video floating around the Internet of a guy actually popping a popcorn kernel with something you probably have in your bathroom – a straightening iron. Forget your microwave or even your old-fashioned popper (if you’re a purist), apparently you can now make your favorite movie snack with the popular beauty tool.


As a guy nonchalantly sits with some friends while holding a kernel between the plates of an iron, something unexpected happens – a piece of popcorn actually materializes. It’s pretty obvious by the dude’s reaction that he didn’t think his gimmick would work. But holy moly it did and makes for a pretty sweet viral video.


The clip was posted by Twitter user @p68qbhhurq9kxjc, who admitted to BuzzFeed that he didn’t eat the popcorn (probably a good idea) but described it as “insanely stiff.”

The more you know.

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