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Did the text you sent to a potential bae fall flat? It turns out the emojis you’re using could be stepping up your dating game ... or completely smacking it down.

Dating app Clover analyzed just that, conducting a study to find out which emojis racked up the most replies during text exchanges, and which ones were basically ignored, according to Bustle. And it’s safe to say the ring 💍 emoji isn’t going help anyone get to the altar any time soon.

Guys were least likely to respond to texts that included that one, as well as the poop emoji (obvs), Vulcan salute , and the crying face 😢. Emojis that were more likely to get a response from guys included the crying laughing face 😂 , the relieved emoji 😌, the smirking face 😏 , and the crazy, winking tongue out face 😜.

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As for the ladies, the eggplant emoji 🍆 is generally a no. Women were least likely to respond to that one, as well as clapping hands 👏, flexed biceps 💪, and the fist bump.. Guys got better responses when they sent the hungry face 😋 emoji, as well as the sassy girl 💁, the the tongue-out emoji😛 , and the smirk 😏 .

While the rules of dating seem to change weekly, and there’s always a new term being introduced (like cushioning), something tells us you can keep this in your arsenal: when you’re trying to text flirt, kick the poop and eggplant emojis to the curb. Neither are the keys to making anyone swoon.