For InStyle's November issue, on newsstands now and availale for digital download, we teamed up with Google to uncover your most-searched questions and problems. Then, we found the best sites, apps, and tools to answer 'em all.

Christina Shanahan
Oct 21, 2015 @ 1:15 pm

Thanks to your smartphone, making vacay plans is easier—and more social—than ever. "Trending apps allow you to get alerts, share itineraries with friends, and browse things to do," says Google Play trends expert Karen Griego. Here are the downloads you'll want to add to your home screen before you hit airport security.

For Hotel Rooms: Roomlia
Everyone needs a room of one's own, but finding it can be an exercise in endless scrolling. No longer: just enter your destination and travel dates and you'll get a visual guide to the top hotels in the area you're visiting. 

For a Ride from the Airport: Bandwagon
This taxi service helps travelers in the same vicinity coordinate a ride share. Enter your destination, wait for your match, and use the chat service to pick a meeting spot. You can settle the bill at the end of the ride through the payment feature, so you'll never have to exchange cash.

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For Nightlife Recommendations: Go Where They Go
Want to sip cocktails like Gwyneth Paltrow in L.A.? Or check out George Clooney's favorite London haunts? This app curates city guides based on popular celebrity hot spots.

For Restaurant Reservations: Reserve
Think of this download as your personal dining concierge. Chat with a reservation specialist about what you're looking for. Then he or she will help you skip the waiting list and secure a table at some of the toughest-to-get-into spots in town.

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For a Cocktail On-Demand: Drizly
Put down that $25 glass of room service Cabernet. Instead, cue up Drizly, your personal minibar delivery service. Have wine, beer, or spirits delivered to your room within an hour, minus the price markup. Now that's something to say cheers to. 

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