The Best Travel-Size Beauty Products that Won't Get Swiped by the TSA

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Last-minute weekend getaways are one of our favorite parts of summer, but getting those luxury products confiscated by the TSA? That's another story. If you're the type to travel with your full-size products stashed in your checked luggage, consolidating your staples to your carry-on can be quite the struggle. Thanks to the abundance of travel-sized minis on the market, you'll never have to opt for a less-than-stellar version that happens to fit in that 1-quart Ziploc, or sacrifice your favorite formulas to airport security ever again. Read on to shop the best makeup, hair, skin, and body products all guaranteed to make the 3 fluid ounce limit.

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Skin Care

To ensure that the skies are safe from your massive jar of La Mer, transfer all of your skin care staples into mini containers like Bobbi Brown's Empties ($15; The kit comes equipped with a funnel, tiny spatula, and labels to keep the process clean, and helps take the guesswork out of exactly which jar contains your favorite eye cream.

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Since most foundation bottles are under 3 ounces, your favorite can probably fly with no problem. Save space in that tiny Ziploc bag by trading your larger mascaras and setting sprays for smaller versions, like the ones by Benefit ($10; and Urban Decay ($14;, which house the exact same luxury-grade formulas as the ones on your vanity. You won't have to separate out your pressed powders and shadows, but in general, palettes are much easier to travel with and don't take up much room in your carry-on, so opt for a face and eye combo set like Guerlain's ($70;

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Body Care

Realistically, you can use the body washes and lotions your hotel of choice provides, but if it's an AirBnB situation, use a few of the Bobbi Brown empties above to store your favorite formulas. Seek out mini rollerball fragrances, like Nest's Trio ($22; so that airport security won't nab your larger flacon, and though we recommend self-tanning before hitting the road, in the case that you can't, individually-packaged sachets like Kate Somerville's ($48; will prevent the bronzy liquid from leaking onto your clothes.

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Packing your favorite hair products can be the hardest part, so we recommend opting for an all-in-one kit like this one by Alterna ($30;, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo, and leave-in overnight treatment in a handy carrying case. It also doubles as a clutch if you're in a pinch—win!

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