Why a Sprayable Leave-In Conditioner Could Be the Answer to Your Hair Woes

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If you use heat styling tools, a trusted leave-in conditioner is a vital part of your styling process, but oftentimes a traditional cream formula can add extra weight to both fine and curly textures alike. Instead of leaving the step out altogether, switch out the heavier formula for a spray-on version, which serves as a protective veil against any damage that could be caused by your curling iron's heat or the sun's rays. For strands that are on the thin side, a mist allows better control over placement, and since it isn't as dense as a cream, you won't be left with a limp, stringy appearance. The product does double-duty for thick strands by moonlighting as a detangling agent, and when typical leave-in conditioners cause your curls to stretch and lose their shape, rest assured that a sprayable option will keep their definition intact.

The blowout-obsessed individuals among us should reach for the Kérastase Spray Fluidissime ($42; amazon.com), which acts as armor against temperatures up to 450-degrees F. Damaged strands will love It's a 10's Silk Express Leave-In ($22; amazon.com) for its ability to reduce breakage and impart a soft, touchable texture, as well as the Label.M Protein Spray ($16; sleekhair.com). One too many trips to the salon to shift shades can cause your hair to become porous, but a few spritzes of Label.M's wheat- and soy-rich potion claims to actually rebuild damaged gaps within the follicle, and cut down on the split ends. Briogeo's Rosarco Milk ($20; sephora.com) is proof that natural products can deliver serious results, thanks to the infusion of vegan ingredients like coconut, argan, and rosehip oils that every hair type under the sun will drink in.

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