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In a world where selfies reign supreme, it seems as though women are going to extreme lengths to get the perfect shot, whether that means clocking in hours of makeup application or finding the perfect lighting. And now, thanks to a slew of airbrushing, face-perfecting photo apps, there's a way to take a makeup-free selfie without a single wrinkle or blemish. Here, I've tested out four of them, including Kim Kardashian's go-to, Perfect 365. Below, are my before and after shots, so you can be the judge of whether you prefer to touch-up your photo or stand proud with #nofilter.

Perfect 365

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I first came across Perfect 365 when I found out that it was Kardashian's preferred selfie-editing app. It can completely change your skin from shiny with noticeable pores to smooth and "doll like." The app also came in handy when I forgot to put on mascara or lipstick, because it can do that, too.

Perfect 365, free;


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When the goal is to make fine lines and small blemishes less noticeable, then Facetune is the app to use. Its smoothing tool works very well to blur and cover up anything you don't want seen. That being said, I found all other Facetune features confusing to figure out.

Facetune, $3.99,

YouCam Perfect

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With YouCam Perfect, I was again able to airbrush away lines, blemishes, and pores. For those of us who envy Cara Delevingne's arches (guilty), this app can make brows more prominent, something I tried out. I was also able to slightly slim my face and contour my nose.

YouCam Perfect, free;


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Modiface made me look a bit like an alien. Its skin-smoothing tool wasn’t as good as YouCam's or Perfect 365's and users aren't able to add makeup to specific features on the face (only a full face of makeup). Since I couldn’t successfully perfect my skin or play with makeup, I edited my facial structure. I slightly enlarged my eyes, contoured and slimmed my face, and raised my cheekbones.

Modiface, free;