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Rose Wine
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TGIRS: Thank goodness it's rosé season! Nothing cools you down quite like a glass of your favorite pink drink on a hot summer day, and that's for good reason. "This is the most playful wine and an instant mood booster," says Cappie Peete, beverage director of the James Beard Award-nominated McCrady's Restaurant in Charleston, S.C. “Really, rosé is just meant to be enjoyed while you’re hanging out with friends and it’s sunny outside.” Here are Peete’s top five faves that will keep you happily cheers-ing at events all summer long.

Your Picnic Punch

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Tuck this Mas de Daumas Gassac Guilhem Rosé screwtop into your basket. "It's crisp, tart, and goes well with meat and cheese bites," says Peete. "It also smells like strawberry candy." ($9;

Your Hostess Gift

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"The Matthiasson Rosé is fresh and dynamic," she says of the Napa-sourced blend of syrah, grenache, and a few other grape varieties. "It's versatile enough to complement whatever is on the menu." ($24;

Your All-Day Companion

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Sip this refreshing baby at any time: Villa Wolf Pinot Noir Rosé is lower in alcohol than most, and its slight effervescence gives a "crisp, spritzy, thirst-quenching feeling," says Peete. “It has a dry finish, but it still has some sweetness at the end.” ($11;

Your Romantic Dinner Wine

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Aromas of peach and pomegranate in this Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé make it a friend of salads and seafoods. “It’s very balanced,” Peete says of the wine, which she describes as “acidic, but with a really beautiful texture that you can enjoy all throughout your meal.” Plus, the grapes are from Provence, France—aka, the original home of rosé. ($40;

Your Beach-Bonfire Treat

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Darker and fuller-bodied than most rosés, this Italian Bisson Ciliegiolo Rosato is as close to cozying up with a glass of red as you'll get without leaving rosé territory—and it’s perfect for hitting the sand. Says Peete, “It’s made right near the beach on the Italian Riviera, so it has a bit of salinity and a sea breeze-like aroma.” ($20;