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Nude nails are chic, timeless, and sophisticated. They elongate your fingers, never clash with your outfit, and chips are hardly noticeable. But wearing the wrong shade for your skin tone can leave you looking washed out. That's why we enlisted the help of Tom Bachik, global nail artist for L’Oréal Paris and manicurist to stars like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston. Here are his tips for finding the perfect nude.

The first step is to determine your undertone, or the color that lies beneath the skin. "Check out the veins on the underside of your arm," Backik tells InStyle. "If they’re primarily green, you’re more warm tone, and if they’re bluish in tone you’re on the cool side." You can also go by the type of jewelry you wear, he says. If your skin looks best in silver, you likely have a cool undertone, but if gold is your go-to, you're probably on the warmer side.

"Now look for shades of nude that are on the tan (warm) side or grayish (cool) side," he adds. "I recommend going a shade lighter/darker than your skin tone for a clean but deliberate look.”

If You Have Fair Skin:

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Bachik’s Pick: L’Oréal Paris in Eva’s Nude, $6; Try: Deborah Lippmann in Naked, $18; and Zoya in Chantal, $9;

If You Have Medium Skin:

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Bachik’s Pick: L’Oréal Paris in Julianne’s Nude, $6; Try: Smith & Cult in Ghost Edit, $18; and Essie in All Tied Up, $8; Step Away From the Rhinestones! Minimalist Manicures Are Having a Moment

If You Have Olive Skin:

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Bachik’s Pick: L’Oréal Paris in Doutzen’s Nude, $6; Try: Essie in Not Just a Pretty Face, $9; and Jin Soon in Nostalgia, $18;

If You Have Dark Skin:

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Bachik’s Pick: L’Oréal Paris in Liya’s Nude ($6; Try: RGB Cosmetics in Haze, $18; and Essie in Smokin' Hot, $9;