3 Super Helpful Pregnancy Sites and Apps

For InStyle's November issue, on newsstands now and availale for digital download, we teamed up with Google to uncover your most-searched questions and problems. Then, we found the best sites, apps, and tools to answer 'em all.

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Whether you're pregnant or pondering parenthood, chances are you have a ton of questions—and your doctor, your mom, or your BFF might not be available 24/7 to give you all the answers. Luckily, these handy sites and apps do a solid job of connecting you with the information and resources you need no matter what time of day it is.


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You've got a million things to do when you're expecting, and sitting in the waiting room of a doctor's office isn't one of them. This app, designed by women, connects you remotely with a doc to discuss any symptoms you're experiencing between your regular checkups. Bonus: Every virtual appointment you purchase, starting at $18 each, helps fund basic health care for a woman or child in need.


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Catering to a wide range of women's health and sex needs, Eve by Glow helps you track your menstrual cycle, monitor your fertility, find breast-feeding resources, and seek advice from the community of users. That means you can connect with other moms and moms-to-be when a questions hits you at 2 a.m.


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Slowly build up your stash of essentials for pregnancy and newborns by having a box of safe, effective baby toys and grooming products each month of your pregnancy. You can also create a baby registry on the site to share with family and friends.

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