Why You Should Get a Chemical Peel This Month

Facial Peel - Lead
Photo: Getty Images

If you've already given up on your New Year's resolution to hit the gym more religiously (guilty as charged, and five days in at that), you can still count improving the state of your skin among the list, and right now is the prime time to do it. According to celebrity esthetician Renée Rouleau, January is the perfect month out of all 12 to get a chemical peel treatment if you're eager to simultaneously combat uneven tone and kick 2016 off to a glowing start. "January is the month to see your skin's true pigmentation and how deep any discoloration actually is since you're several months out of the sun, and any summer-induced pigmentation will have faded," she explains. "Heat is a real problem for triggering melanin cells and irritating the skin, so the idea is that when you're out in less sun and heat, your skin will be less inflamed and you won't have to keep fighting the pigmentation the peel is designed to reduce."

Of course, you'll want to speak to a professional to weigh out your options as far as what kind of a peel to get—check out our comprehensive guide outlining everything you need to know about the treatment—and afterwards, moisturize religiously and resist the urge to sit for long periods in a sauna or steam bath. If the thought of a chemical peel is an intimidating one, but you'd still like to achieve a similar end result, seek out a milder at-home formula. We're obsessed with Rouleau's own Triple Berry Smoothing Peel ($87; reneerouleau.com), as well as the Caudalie Glycolic Peel ($39; nordstrom.com).

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