3 Easy Ways to Incorporate SPF Into Your Makeup Routine

SPF Makeup
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Confession time: Though we know sun protection is a must, especially in the hot summer months, occasionally, that layer of sunblock becomes a forgotten step in our makeup routine. True, many SPF-infused foundations, BB creams, and tinted moisturizers on the market help to streamline the process, but what happens when your high-definition foundation isn't infused with any sun protection, or you're having a #NoMakeup day? Here, we outline 3 easy ways to incorporate some extra SPF into your existing routine, without having to add an extra step—or the dreaded greasy film, for that matter.

Try a Serum
If applying sunscreen isn't your forté, pick up a serum or skin care product that includes an ample amount of SPF in the ingredient list, like Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Serum Oil ($80; sephora.com), which boasts both major hydration and anti-aging benefits along with SPF 15. Even if you go bare-faced, you can rest assured knowing that your complexion won't absorb harmful UV rays.

Seek Out SPF-Infused Primer
A formula like Kate Somerville Dual Action Primer SPF 15 ($48; nordstrom.com) is easy to layer on between your skin care and makeup, acting as invisible armor that also prolongs the life of anything you spread over the top.

Use It as a Finishing Touch
You know that famed Clinique pressed powder we all toted around in high school? The light-as-air Almost Powder Makeup ($27; clinique.com) is actually infused with SPF 15, so even if you accidentally skip the step in your tinted moisturizer, serum, or primer, you can always top off your look with some sun protection, and reapply as often as your nose needs powdering. Another option? Shop an SPF-infused setting spray, like Supergoop's brand-new spritzer.

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