Gilmore Girls
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Now that we've recovered from our post-Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life existential crisis (those final four words!), we're ready to deep dive back into Stars Hollow with a little Gilmore Girls binge-session to kick off the holiday season. Because, what says winter like a good episode from season three, a nice cozy blanket, and a hot cup of coffee, right?

Plus, now that all GG footage is out there in the open, we can officially relive all our favorite moments from our favorite mother-daughter duo, original episodes and A Year in the Life included. Thanks to our friends over at GIPHY, we have a definitive list of the best Gilmore Girls moments, in GIF form, for your viewing pleasure, in chronological order.

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Scroll down below to see all 20 of the amazing GIFs and watch your favorite ones over and over again. If you need us, we'll just be staring at Rory (Alexis Bledel) and Jess's (Milo Ventimiglia) first kiss on repeat for the rest of the day.

1. Rory and Dean's (Jared Padalecki) first kiss is so beyond awkward and yet we can't look away at this adorable budding romance—Dean was still amazing this season!

2. In classic Emily Gilmore (Kelly Bishop) fashion, she demands to "go first" after Richard's (Edward Herrmann, R.I.P.) scary visit to the hospital.

3. Rory is finally ready to wallow after her and Dean's breakup. Poor Dean just loves Rory, and she can't get herself to say it back, so they break up for a few episodes, only to get back together when she can finally muster up the courage to say those three little words.

4. In the season one finale, Max (Scott Cohen) proposes to Lorelai (Lauren Graham) with 1,000 yellow daisies. She accepts and then later dumps him the day before the wedding. Cruel.

5. Rory may have missed her mother's graduation from business school, but Richard and Emily tearing up in the audience as Lorelai accepts her diploma gets us every time.

6. Paris's (Liza Weil) breakdown in front of her entire school, not to mention everyone who tuned into C-SPAN for the Chilton Bicentennial, is a scene for the ages. "I had SEX, but I didn't get into Harvard," she yells to the crowd while looking very disheveled in her pajamas.

7. Rory's graduation speech definitely made us tear up—okay, fine, sob in fetal position on our couch. Just look how cute she is in that cap and gown, and the valedictorian sash! Go Rory!

8. When Jess showed up at Rory's dorm at the end of season four to practically beg her to run away with him, our hearts broke when she said no. But come on, she was never going to say yes, no matter how adorable Jess is (that leather jacket, the floppy hair, be still our hearts).

9. Luke (Scott Patterson) finally plants one on Lorelai after a few dates and showing up to the Dragonfly Inn's test run with a bouquet of flowers. They're so meant to be together!

10. After Lorelai pretty much catches Rory and Dean in the act, the mother-daughter duo have their first, big, blowout fight. Instead of dealing with the Dean problem and the tension with her mother, Rory decides to jet off to Europe with her grandmother.

11. While we are hardcore Team Jess, this is absolutely one of our favorite Gilmore Girls episodes of all time. "You jump, I jump, Jack," and just like that Rory opens herself up to a whole new world and experiences at Yale, and of course Logan (Matt Czuchry) enters the scene as a boyfriend contender, though it would take a couple more episodes for him to officially get there.

12. When (stupid, stupid) Luke breaks up with Lorelai after her parents' disastrous vow-renewal, who comes to her side to comfort her but her daughter and best friend.

13. The evil Mitchum Huntzberger (Gregg Henry) tells Rory she doesn't have "it," or what it takes to make it in journalism, breaking her young heart in the process. Though a Year in the Life may have proven him right, he'll forever be the bad guy who sent Rory on a downward spiral, causing a major rift between her and Lorelai in the sixth season.

14. Lorelai proposes to Luke and obviously he says yes, he's "all in," remember? Although it's heartbreaking that this is also the episode where Rory moves into the Gilmore pool house, at least we had this happy moment to stave off the tears.

15. Rory and Lorelai's reunion after a season of feuding was done in such perfect Rory-Lorelai fashion: equal parts mushy and hilarious, starting with an excited phone call, and ending with a huge hug.

16. When Paris gets accepted into every law and medical school she applies to (suck it, Harvard!), she swings from extremely excited (there was lots of screaming) to completely overwhelmed (with lots of yelling), and we thoroughly enjoyed watching that emotional pendulum.

17. Luke and Lorelai finally kiss—again—at the end of the seventh season, basically cementing the idea that the two were going to get back together, even if we didn't get to see it on screen.

18. Ending the show's seven-season run with a tribute to the pilot, the opening song in that final shot of the girls sitting in Luke's Diner was the perfect way to cap off such a perfect show. There were definitely a few tears shed here.

19. Speaking of tears, Rory imagining Richard back in his study in the "Fall" episode of A Year in the Life, really did a number on us. So sentimental and so sweet when she decides her write her book in her late Grandpa's study.

20. SPOILER ALERT!: Those final four words heard around the world: "Mom." "Yeah?" "I'm pregnant."