25 Mouthwatering Instagram Feeds to Follow

Chef Instagrams
Photo: Instagram/linda_lomelino

Looking at beautiful photos on Instagram is one of the best ways to pass time. Scrolling through your feed, you could come across glam celeb photos, beautiful locales, and our favorite—beautiful food photography.

Food 'gramming isn't for everyone. While anyone can take photos of the meal in front of them, a specific few are able to really capture the mouthwatering essence of Sunday brunch, Thursday night's home-cooked meal, or that dessert that you can't stop thinking about. Professional 'grammers like Andrew Carmellini (@andrewcarmellini) and Kimberley Hasselbrink (@kimberleyhasselbrink) capture the light and create the best composition to show off their favorite dishes.

We found the most double tap-worthy feeds to follow. From chefs to food stylists, here are 25 culinary stars you need to follow on Instagram.

PHOTOS: 25 Mouthwatering Instagram Feeds to Follow

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