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Workout classes can be an expensive obsession—but you don’t have to let sticker shock stop you. As a fitness junkie, I know the exhilaration of a kick boxing class and the cleansing effects of a yoga—these classes are the key to boosting my mood every day. But I don’t really want to spend hundreds a month on membership fees and, frankly, sometimes I just don’t feel like leaving my house. So I subscribed to four of the best fitness websites that, for under $15 a month, will stream online versions of my favorite classes to all my tech devices. It’s like the Netflix of working out, and you’ll be binge watching in no time. Scroll down to see a run down of the top four websites I tried!

What I Tried: Punching Bag Cardio Kick-Boxing

What I Thought: The workout was very easy to follow—the lead trainer was clear, and there were two other pros demonstrating the exercises in the background the entire time. I loved that the moves got progressively more difficult and that the trainer guided us through one level at a time. It was done at just the right pace and it made me feel super energized and pumped. It was the only workout I needed for the day and lasted only thirty minutes!

Best for: People who want a very personalized workout plan.

Price: Free for access to 2 videos per week, $10/month for premium access to unlimited video streaming (Use the code InStyle to get your first premium month for $1).

Types of Classes: Group Yoga, Barre, Toning, Weight Training, Kickboxing, Pilates, Therapy Yoga, Dance, Flexibility, and Cardio.

Extras: Your own personal profile of all of your favorite videos, a personal tracker of how many calories you’ve burned, cooking videos, live question-and-answer feeds, daily schedule of live group classes, and the option of following other members’ and trainers’ profiles.

What I Tried: Barre3 Studio To Go: Core and Lower Body

What I Thought: The class was an “On the Go” version so it only lasted 10 minutes, but it definitely did the job! For someone new to barre, I appreciated that each exercise was carefully explained and demonstrated without interrupting the flow of the workout. I felt connected to my core and it put me in a good mood for the rest of the day.

Best For: Barre lovers!

Price: $15/month (Use the code B3INSTYLE at to get a 15-day free trial).

Types of Classes: All the videos have a barre workout focus, but they target different areas of the body, use different equipment, and are of different durations.

Extras: 28 day and 7 day challenge programs, healthy recipes, and an “On the Go” video series.

What I Tried: Lyrical Hip-Hop

What I Thought: The workout was so fun that it didn’t even feel like I was working out! Instead, it felt like I was having my own personal dance party in the comfort of my living room. It was great to let loose and have fun while also fitting a workout into my schedule. I was out of breath by the end of it, and even sore the next day, but it was definitely something I would do again.

Best For: People who get easily bored—Crunch Live only offers upbeat workouts that update daily.

Price: $10/month.

Types of Classes: There are seven categories—Chisel It, Mind Body Burn, What’s New, Dance Rhythms, No Equipment, Quickies, and Work It.

Extras: A favorites tab to drag your favorite videos for easy access, playlists that contain series of workouts, and a “What’s New” tab for constantly updated routines.

What I Tried: “HIIT—Fast & Furious”

What I Thought: The personal trainer felt very one-on-one, which made the video easy to follow and encouraged me to keep on going whenever it got a bit too tough. The workout targeted every part of the body without using any equipment so it was simple yet effective. I felt the burn right away and it was a challenge that had me sweating throughout but left me feeling strong and happy.

Best For: People who want a personal trainer without the personal trainer price.

Price: $12/month

Types of Classes: Barre, Cardio, Step, HIIT, Pilates, Dance, and Yoga.

Extras: 8 week rush programs, special workout plans for busy brides, videos ranked by difficulty level, and specialized fitness goals.