Our Home Editors' 8 Favorite Finds from N.Y.C.'s Design Week

Design Week - Lead
Photo: Mike Vorrasi

With Design Week in full swing, New York City was buzzing this past week with more decorators, furniture makers, and retailers than usual. ICFF (The International Contemporary Furniture Fair) is recognized as the mother show, where the heaviest hitters introduce and showcase their latest products. But over the years, more and more smaller satellite fairs, like Sight Unseen Offsite, WantedDesign, and Collective Design have been bringing their A-game and are now just as interesting as the main show itself. Hoping we would find some gems wherever we went, we made it a mission to hit as many shows as possible, and we were not disappointed! Read on to check out a small sprinkling of our faves from the various shows throughout the city.

Daniel Sean Murphy at Egg Collective (pictured, above)

Daniel Sean Murphy is a visual artist who specializes in sculptures made entirely of paper. This stunning monochromatic display of flowers, a vase and gardening shears were a perfect, consistent inky blue. In real life, they looked so matte and powdery, it was hard not to touch them. Spotted at: Sight Unseen Pop-Up at Collective Design.


Design Week - Embed 5
Anne Kim

Small sculptures, big sculptures, wall sculptures -- we wish we could shrink down in size, á la Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and live in this magical paper-mache world created by Terri Chiao and Adam Frezza of Chiaozza. Spotted at Sight Unseen Offsite.

Apparatus Studio

Design Week - Embed 7
Anne Kim

Last year, the duo behind this chic lighting company surprised us with sconces and pendants that combined lustrous horsehair with glass and metal. This year, they introduced a new line of uber-cool pendants that again, boast an unexpected pairing: porcelain and brass. Spotted at: ICFF.


Design Week - Embed 1
Mike Vorrasi

Plain hides get a vibrant, modern update when Brit Kleinman takes a brush to them. These geometrically painted textiles will instantly add color and texture to your room. Spotted at: Sight Unseen Offsite.

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Cool Kids Company

Design Week - Embed 4
Joanna Bober

Create a mini village in your child’s room with these modular closets inspired by the traditional townhouses in Amsterdam. Spotted at: ICFF.

Grow House Grow

Design Week - Embed 3
Joanna Bober

All the beautiful handmade wallpapers from this Brooklyn-based company have a special story behind them. This graphic eye pattern is a motif from the walls of an antique library in Alexandria, Egypt. Spotted at: ICFF.

Todd St John

Design Week - Embed 2
Joanna Bober

This super-sleek brass room divider just may be the best looking one on the market. Use it to break up a space or position it before a blank wall as an art piece. Spotted at: ICFF.


Design Week - Embed 6
Joanna Bober

This California company’s collection of modular LED lights can be hooked up in any configuration--check out their various shapes and colors here. Stick one, or 50, together, and control them all from your smartphone. Spotted at: ICFF.

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