Your Favorite Shows Return This Sunday Night—Here's What to Watch

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Your DVR is about to put in some serious overtime. This Sunday night, six of TV's biggest shows return—and you won't want to miss a single one of them. That means it's time to start planning which order you're going to view this marathon of epic proportions: Homeland, The Affair, Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, CSI: Cyber, and The Leftovers. Sure, it seems like a big commitment, but you don't want to be the in the dark come Monday when everyone in the office is discussing what went down on The Affair. Or even worse, you might accidentally overhear a spoiler that reveals where in the world Carrie Mathison is fighting terrorism now on Homeland. Scroll down to find out what we're most looking forward to watching.

The Affair
Airs: Sundays, 10 p.m. EST on Showtime
Season one sucked us in—hard. In fact, we're almost as addicted to The Affair's drama as its main characters, Noah (Dominic West) and Alison (Ruth Wilson), are to each other. Last season's constant twists and turns culminated with this bold reveal: the adulterous duo ended up together in the finale and they even have a baby. But the happy times have come to a halt, and if the trailer for Season 2 is any indication, it looks like the Golden Globe-winning series is heading into darker territory than ever as its characters struggle through the aftermath of Noah's arrest for murder.

Madam Secretary
Airs: Sundays,
8 p.m. EST on CBS
Tea Leoni captivated audiences with her return to television as CIA agent turned Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord in Madam Secretary's first season. She saved American hostages in Syria, brokered unlikely deals among world powers, and survived an earthquake in India—all while raising a family with her NSA spy husband. Season 2 will pack plenty of political drama, but the can't-miss moment from Sunday's premiere will have the show's producer, Morgan Freeman, portraying a Supreme Court Justice onscreen.

Airs: 9 p.m. EST on Showtime
Last season was an emotional roller coaster for Homeland's characters and viewers alike. Gone was the Brody family that we watched for the first four seasons. The most likable sniper on TV, Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), went AWOL and basically asked Carrie (Claire Danes) to run away with him. As Season 5 picks up, Quinn is secretly working for Saul (Mandy Patinkin), while Carrie has entered the world of private security. But as always, allegiances continued to be questioned and two big questions remain: Can we trust F. Murray Abraham's character, Dar Adal? And more importantly, can Carrie trust Saul?

The Good Wife

Airs: 9 p.m. EST on CBS
The #girlboss is back. Alicia Florrick (Julianna Margulies) is ready to revamp her life as The Good Wife's seventh season kicks off. The bar attorney has put her past political ambitions behind her, but her husband, Peter (Chris Noth), has plans of his own. Alicia found out that Peter might run for president in last season's finale, and she wasn't exactly on board with a future that included her as First Lady. But if Peter does ultimately enter the Democratic race, he's going to have a very real opponent. Althought she's not slated to make an appearance on the show, it's been reported that Hillary Clinton will be his competition this season. Talk about buzzy!

The Leftovers
Airs: Sundays, 9 p.m. EST on HBO
The Leftovers are still hanging in there. Season one introduced us to the New York suburb of Mapleton, where the Garvey family is trying to put their lives back together after two-percent of the world's population suddenly disappeared. At the end of a season filled with silent cults, a miracle-granting prophet, and family drama, a flashback finally revealed what life was like in the days before the so-called Sudden Departure. Now, the show is leaving Mapleton behind. Season 2 promises new adventures (and new problems) in the town of Miracle, Texas.

CSI: Cyber
10 p.m. EST on CBS
In its freshman season, the CSI spinoff took on the dark world of Internet-related crimes. Patricia Arquette gave us a new crime-stopper to root for, starring as the head of the FBI's Cyber Crime division, Avery Ryan. (Look out, Olivia Benson!) Rather than throwing the criminals she stops in prison, though, she hires them. This season, look out for the star of the original CSI series, Ted Danson, as he joins the cast to reprise his role as forensic botanist D.B. Russell.

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