Beauty Oils
Credit: Courtesy (3); Getty Images

I typically have a very elaborate evening skincare routine involving multiple layers of treatments, serums, moisturizers, etc.—and for the most part I really take pleasure in those quiet, meditative moments of application.

But sometimes I am just too damn tired.

That's when I go for on one of these sleeping oils, which take two seconds to slather on. Unlike traditional oils, these collagen-stimulating formulas work best at night, when your skin cells are already in repair mode and can most benefit from a little kick in the butt. But slacking off from my regular system doesn’t show: The next morning, my skin feels firm, smooth and has a little more life to it (this seriously makes me question my devotion to having a crazy-long evening regimen in the first place, but I digress). Here, my 3 go-to concoctions:

Korres Black Pine Sleeping Oil ($62; has a super hydrating complex of black pine, jojoba, apricot and cold-pressed argan oils plus collagen-stimulating apple and seaweed extracts, and it’s probably the best smelling one I've tried (the natural apricot scent is just heaven).

Verso Super Facial Oil ($195 for set of 5; contains a proprietary version of retinol (called Retinol 8) formulated with a polyphenol extract and vitamin B3 that, in addition to doing all the things retinol does (namely stimulating cell turnover and collagen production), repairs and strengthen skin’s barrier.

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil ($105; also contains a retinol, but it feels a little richer. There's avocado seed oil, chamomile and blue tansy extracts in there, all of which help to calm and heal (which is helpful in combination with something like retinol, which can irritate sensitive types).