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Green eyes have no problem standing out as it is, but if you're the type to line your perimeter in an inky shade of black, you may want to make the swap to a lighter pewter tone. "Using a heavy black liner by itself might be too stark for this eye shade, so I'd recommend using a steel gray," says makeup artist Elle Leary.

Rather, taupe and purple tones, Leary notes, are two of the best shadow colors for bringing out the dimension in your eyes and giving them a brighter appearance. "I love using taupe for a natural effect, because shimmery shades can really bring out the golds in typical green eyes," she says. "Purple is also the perfect balance between natural and a little pop of color—people will say your eyes look more vibrant when using all shades of purple." Eager to break out your smoky eye for that Valentine's Day date? Leary advises using the IT Cosmetics Liner Love in Rich Plum ($24; as a base, then blending a neutral-toned shadow on top to diffuse the dramatic effect.