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Hey there, brown-eyed girl! Over 50-percent of the world's population shares the shade with you, and the right shadows can put your specific hue in the spotlight. "Gold, copper, and dark gold shadows with a little green in them are my favorite colors to use on brown eyes, and you can get a natural, yet dramatic, look with them," says makeup artist Elle Leary. "Many brown-eyed ladies have flecks of gold in their eyes, so these colors will really make the eye color stand out because they play off of the gold tones." Though, the options aren't limited to just the neutral spectrum. Leary also recommends playing with bold cobalt shades. "With darker brown eyes, electric blue will really play up the contrast," she says. "The Lancôme Drama Liqui-Pencil in Côte d'Azur ($23; sephora.com) is the perfect choice for this. It's very creamy and blendable." We rounded up a few more shadows at every price point that will make your brown eyes look so good, the world will be convinced you're the muse behind Van Morrison's hit.