Why You Should Swap Your Traditional Hairbrush for a Detangling Tool

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Ever notice that your go-to hairbrush has been yanking out more strands that usual? It's not just the summer hair loss cycle that's to blame—the tugging, pulling, and stress involved with the original model could be motivation to make the switch to a detangling brush. Equipped with flexible plastic bristles, the tools easily glide through your layers, and work wonders at removing stubborn knots and tangles with minimal hair loss. The Tangle Teezer ($20; sephora.com) and the Wet Brush ($12; ulta.com) have been staples for pro stylists and beauty buffs alike for years, but we're also big fans of Cricket's version ($13; ulta.com), which has been infused with a blend of argan and coconut oils to help smooth things over.

The secret lies in the brushes' ultra-thin plastic teeth, which separate each strand at a sideways angle to reduce all of the arm work—and hair loss, at that. While traditional paddle models can damage wet hair, we actually prefer to use these post-shower, or even while we lather up. To evenly distribute conditioner or a hair mask, we love applying a dollop, then combing through with our detangler of choice. Since the bristles are plastic, the clean-up act is just as easy. Simply rinse off the excess product, pull out any hair that gets caught, and once dry, your brush is ready to do some styling work outside of the shower.

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