Boscia Cleansing Stick - Lead
Credit: Courtesy; Time Inc. Digital Studios

It’s Skincare 101 that a clean face is the basis for healthy, glowing skin (just ask these stars if you don’t believe us). But necessary though it may be, we wouldn't call cleansing the most thrilling part of our beauty routine. Cue Boscia Charcoal Deep-Pore Cleansing Stick Treatment ($28;, a cleansing balm in solid, stick form that's turning the category on its head. Here's why the Japanese brand has brought this Asian beauty trend stateside...

Application is Beyond Easy
This is the face wash for the person who doesn’t like to use face wash: To apply, simply wet your face, twist the stick so that a millimeter of cleanser is showing, and proceed to use the stick itself to massage the formula across your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Though the beauty is in the fact that this formula is totally hands-free, for a more thorough clean, use your fingers to spread the balm around the nooks and crannies of your nose and eyes.

You’ll Never Get Stopped by Airport Security
Stick cleansers save you the frustration of packing bottles and pumps, plus the trouble of decanting your cleanser to meet TSA requirements. Bonus: Since it’s solid, there’s absolutely zero chance of this stick exploding in your carry-on. Its portability also makes it the perfect throw-it-in-your-tote-bag face refresher for a day at the beach.

You Can Use 'Em Like a Spot Treatment
If, for example, a charcoal-based blend like Boscia's doesn't play nicely with your forehead but works wonders for your T-zone, a stick applicator makes it easy to direct the cleanser only where you want it.