Gigi Hadid laugh lead
Credit: NBC

It's April Fool's Day, which means lots of trickery and hoaxes, and the Hollywood world is not immune. Each year, stars use the holiday to playfully mess with their fans, and the results are often hilarious.

Some, like Ellen DeGeneres, are such pranksters that we've dedicated entire galleries to their mischievous ways, but April Fool's Day brings out the inner trickster in others, too.

Scroll through some of our favorite celebrity April Fool's Day pranks ever below.

When Joe Jonas announced that he and Hailee Steinfeld were expecting a baby together.

He really got fans riled up with this one.

When Michael Phelps tricked his fans into thinking he was coming out of retirement.

If only.

When Bethenny Frankel debuted a new drastic haircut.

Honestly, she can pull it off.

As did Gigi Hadid.

Not sure how she hid all of her hair, but she looks amazing regardless, fake cut or not.

When Tom Brady posted a photo of himself in a full body cast.

Of course it was signed by loved ones.

When George Takei announced his "plan" to run for Congress.

With so many celebrities-turned-politicians in the world, it wasn't exactly a stretch.