By Dianna Mazzone
Updated Mar 05, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
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Maybe you’ve heard of multi-masking, the skin care craze that involves using more than one type of spreadable mask in an effort to, say, zap breakouts and hydrate your dry forehead simultaneously. But now you can apply that same strategy head-to-toe, thanks to a new breed of treatments made for everywhere except your face. Peep our favorites, below.


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Got chapped lips that even the most hydrating salves can’t soothe? A one-time use, intensive treament mask might just be the answer. This version by Patchology is formulated with calming green tea extract and moisture-boosting ceramides.

Patchology FlashPatch Lip Gels, $50 for a set of 24;


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Not that you need a reason, but a foot mask makes for a great excuse to put up your feet. We like this blend by Lush, since it both exfoliates—thanks to itty-bitty particles of resurfacing kaolin and pumice—and cleanses, by way of anti-fungal essential oils. (No more stinky feet!)

Lush Volcano Foot Mask, $24;


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Believe it or not, this packet contains 10 teeny-tiny masks—one for each of your cuticles. The thimble-like cotton pockets fit over your fingertips to deliver a shot of moisture via milk protein and coconut extracts.

Look Beauty Moisture & Nourish Fingernail Mask, $10;


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Sure, you’ll have to go on a 15-minute texting hiatus while wearing these serum-soaked gloves, but the end result is totally worth it: The jojoba- and camellia-oil rich formula softens even the roughest, winter-weary hands.

Karuna Hydrating+ Hand Mask, $28 for a set of 4;