Best of Beauty: The Top Products to be Featured in InStyle's Beauty Talk

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In years and years of InStyle’s Beauty Talk, celebs continue to return to a handful of products that consequently earn our loyalty. In an unfiltered take on the contents of their makeup bags, celebrities have divulged their go-tos, from those their makeup artists introduced to them, to others they’ve been hooked on since their first teenage experimentation with beauty (read: Lip Smackers). Among the multiple repeats? A tinted lip balm Kate Bosworth and Charlize Theron (their makeup artist Pati Dubroff) depend on for a hint of color, and the miracle-working brush that tames all hair types. We’ll let the celebrities speak for themselves—here are those those products that have earned your favorite celebs' approval!


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($42;"This is the only hair product I know how to use—it's virtually foolproof! I spray it at my roots, and it gives my hair a nice texture."—Scarlett Johansson, February 2015

"This gives my hair texture and fullness on days when I’m not wearing it styled."—Jessica Chastain March 2013


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, SPF 15 ($23;“So many brands have tinted lip balms that claim to give moisture and color, but these actually do. I have every shade.”—Kate Bosworth, April 2013

"If you’re feeling a little dull, dab this on your lips to get a glow. I also like that it has natural ingredients.”—Charlize Theron, August 2013


Mason Pearson ($170;"After my hair has been styled all day on set, using this brush feels like having a soothing scalp massage.”—Kerry Washington July 2014

"A few strokes and my hair looks professionally done. It must have some magic swiping component."—Drew Barrymore, February 2013

"It’s a bit expensive, but sometimes you have to go deeper in your wallet for things that work. This brush gets all the snags without ripping hair out."—Heidi Klum, October 2011

"Most people use a fine-tooth comb to tease their own hair, but no t me. Two strokes at my roots with this brush creates just the right amount of body."—Blake Lively, October 2012


Creme de la Mer Moisturizing Cream ($85/0.5 oz;"If it’s winter, or if I’m visiting a place that has a dry climate, this is all I use. It’s the only thing that keepys my skin moisturized.”—Charlize Theron, August 2013

"It is really expensive but it's fantastic. I use it under my eyes because when I get really tired, it helps keep that area firm. It tones the skin, making you look more youthful."—America Ferrera, February 2007

"I use Creme de la Mer every night. I've got Johnny hooked on it too."—Kelly Preston, August 2003

"My skin was dehydrated when I was pregnant, and this moisturizer was the only thing that worked. For every day, I use the lighter version [the Moisturizing Lotion, $245]."—Jessica Simpson


Diptyque Candles, ($60;"I bring a lavender candle with me when I travel. It makes a strange hotel feel more like home.”—Carrie Underwood, who favors the brand's Feuille de Lavande scent ($60;, December 2012

"There isn’t a room in my house without this fruity-scented candle. I buy them by the case."—Eva Mendes, December 2011

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