The Best Beauty Products to Keep in Your Refrigerator

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Your refrigerator is more than just a cool home for your Talenti gelato. “Storing skincare in the fridge provides a cooling sensation upon application that can be beneficial in soothing inflammation,” says Dr. Brian Zelickson, Minneapolis-based dermatologist and founder of MD Complete Skincare. And perhaps more simply, “it also feels very calming and refreshing to use a cold lotion or cream.” But before you trade your vanity for the veggie drawer, bear in mind that this storage trick is most useful for very specific skin care items.

According to Dr. Zelicksen, moisturizers with a gel-like consistency will benefit most from a little time in the refrigerator. (Those with already-cooling ingredients like aloe—we love Koh Gen Do's All in One Aloe Gel ($50;—will fare especially well.) Pop a mask like Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Mask ($45; in the fridge even an hour before applicaiton for a truly spa-like experience. A chilled gel serum, like Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster ($48; will also help subdue inflamed skin.

That said, if you only have room for one product in your fridge, make it your eye cream: Since cold reduces swelling, “applying a cool formula around the eye area can decrease puffiness,” says Dr. Zelicksen. (Doesn't hurt that it's a far chicer solution than using cold spoons, too.)

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