Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy
Credit: Courtesy

People say change is good, but in terms of my hair, too much of a good thing is possible. Last year, my color shifted almost as often as Rihanna's or Kim Kardashian's between blonde and my natural brunette, though both stars pulled it off much more gracefully than I did. Once I returned to my roots, I became obsessed with finding a stellar deep conditioner to nurse it back to a healthier state, but a lot of the versions I tried left my hair feeling greasy or required me to wait way too long (sometimes 5 minutes or more, I'm impatient) for the benefits to take effect. Almost as if she were reading my mind, famed colorist Rita Hazan launched her Weekly Remedy set, which I have since dubbed the Wonder Twins for damaged hair, and the only way I'm ever looking back is if I need to catch a glimpse of my shiny layers from behind in the mirror.

Even though it's a two-step process, your shower routine doesn't have to turn into an hour-long ritual for the treatment to take effect---you can rinse it out almost as soon as you apply each formula, and just a dime-sized amount is all you need to coat your lengths. The first bottle, appropriately labeled step 1, opens your hair cuticle with a blend of nourishing oils which then infuse each strand with good-for-you ingredients, and can be rinsed out immediately. Step 2 is jam-packed with rice proteins to reinforce and strengthen damaged areas, then close up the cuticle. Both products are free from any sulfates and parabens, so your keratin or color treatment will remain unscathed, and although once a week is recommended, sometimes I'll do the treatment up to twice a week if my hair needs a little extra love. The best part? We scored you an exclusive discount on the duo, so you can try it out for yourself! Run, don't walk, over to now and enter the code INSTYLE20 at checkout to get 20% off of the $42 sticker price. Trust me, it's that good.