It's that Good: The Lip Liner One InStyle Editor Has Been Using for Decades

MAC liner
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When it comes to beauty products, I'm pretty commitment phobic—and it's an occupational hazard. With the constant stream of goods that come across my desk on a daily basis, I'm always searching for something more effective, longer lasting and just prettier. People always ask me what I'm using on my skin or what my favorite new potion is---and honestly sometimes I need to stop and think because I switch so often. The one constant in my makeup bag—I'm talking decades—will probably surprise people: It's MAC Lip Liner in Spice ($16;

I've been obsessed with lining my lips since way before the ill-advised #kyliejennerchallenge, and 99-percent of the time I use Spice. This liner has seen me through so many different stages. I'll begrudgingly admit that I started using it to outline by mouth and then fill in my lips with a paler shade when visible lip liner was a thing. I also used Spice during the dark-raisin lipstick rage of the '90s. I've colored in my entire lips with it and then just topped it off with a gloss, and now I use it beneath my favorite (and ever-changing) shades of nude. If I do a red or pink statement lip I still always use MAC liner---just in other shades. I've come to accept that my lips just don't look as good without liner. As my daughter starts experimenting with makeup, I'll teach her liner 101 using a freshly sharpened Spice.

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