Best Beauty Buys 2015: Meet the Rookies

BBB Rookies - Lead
Photo: Courtesy

Now that you've browsed through our Best Beauty Buys Hall of Fame, it's time to get to know the first-time winners in our annual roundup. We like to call these the rookies.

While delving into the unknown can be scary for anyone, you can rest assured knowing these cool new products have all been tested by InStyle editors and industry professionals. The verdict? They're completely hooked, and soon you will be, too.

From an eyelash primer that will amp up your lashes in three different ways, to a top coat that will transform any polish into a gorgeous gel manicure, we promise there's a game-changer for every beauty lover out there. All you have to do is click through out gallery to start shopping (you can thank us later).

PHOTOS: Best Beauty Buys 2015: Meet the Rookies

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