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Updated Mar 04, 2015 @ 3:02 pm
The Best and Worst Foods to Juice
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It goes without saying: Kale and your juicer are a match made in heaven. But unless you're Popeye, there's no way you're drinking your greens straight-up. Here, a few of our favorite additions to green juice--as well as a few of the worst.

Best: Celery. Run a few stalks--leafy tops and all--through the juicer to add some tang and balance out the bitterness of leafy greens.

Best: Ginger. Fresh ginger has plenty of health benefits (Antioxidants! Anti-inflammatories!), and adding about 1 inch's worth to your juice will also give it a slightly spicy kick.

Best: Bell Peppers. Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, red, orange or yellow bell peppers add a hint of sweetness without adding sugar.

Worst: Apples. Truth be told, it's probably better to eat an apple than juice one (there's more fiber that way). However, apples do soften bitter flavors--just use them sparingly.

Worst: Bananas. This fruit--along with mangoes and papayas--doesn't break down properly when juiced. So you're better off saving them for smoothies.

Worst: Berries. Sure, they're loaded with all kinds of good stuff, but berries just don't have enough yield for their nutritional density. (Translation: It's not worth juicing them.)