Gemfields Celebrates The Opening of Bergdof Goodman
Credit: Matteo Prandoni/

Several Hollywood A-listers, including Christina Hendricks, Solange Knowles, and Ashley Olsen, stepped out Tuesday night in New York to celebrate the grand opening of Bergdorf Goodman’s new jewelry salon. Attendees at the event, hosted by Gemfields, included high-profile jewelry enthusiasts, such as Hendricks, who said she “loves jewelry way too much.”

“This is my first holiday party of the season,” Hendricks told InStyle. “I might be screwed for later parties because I don’t think any of the others are going to have jewels everywhere.”

Hendricks arrived wearing a pair of gold Jamie Wolf earrings set with Gemfields Mozambican rubies. When asked about the inspiration behind the rest of her party attire, Hendricks told us she “really wanted to show off the beautiful jewelry.” In doing so, the Mad Men star chose an elegant black jacket with bedazzled floral detailing because she “likes sparkles during the holidays.”

Several other celebs arrived wearing designers from the collection. Ashley Olsen stunned in a pair of dangling earrings set with Gemfields Mozambican rubies and Solange Knowles was seen in Stephen Webster earrings, also set with Gemfields Mozambican rubies.

For Bergdorf Goodman Senior Vice President Linda Fargo, the evening came together after a long time of careful planning and preparation. She told InStyle that she and the rest of her team hoped to give guests at the party a glamorous experience that would “take their breath away.”

“I wanted guests to walk in and go ‘Yeah! This is what Bergdorfs is supposed to feel like,’” Fargo said.