Credit: Courtesy of Benetton

Benetton went online to cast the 20 faces who will appear in the brand's"It's My Time" ad campaign this fall. Over 65,000 participants from all over the globe posted profiles and photos that best showcased their style on the campaign's Web site. After fans voted for their favorites, the final 20 flew to New York (from places both near like Charlotte, North Carolina and far, like Ghana and Hong Kong) last week for a celebration at The Standard. "In the past we featured powerful images on billboards," said Benetton chairman Alessandro Benetton. "Today we use the Internet and interactive platforms to reach millions. The spirit, energy and diversity of our 20 young winners illustrate that ever-expanding reach." Each winner has been given a flip-cam to document their modeling experience and the footage will be used for a documentary by filmmakers Benny and Josh Safdie. Check out the campaign's blog for a closer look at Benetton's 20 new faces!