Superheroes will be all the rage for Halloween costumes this year, but that doesn't mean they all are a hit with kids. Jimmy Kimmel learned this the hard way when he hired Doctor Strange for a children's birthday party. Luckily it was just Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange, the Marvel comic book hero he plays in his upcoming film of the same name, for a skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday. However, parents may want to take note that not all superheroes are kid-friendly, especially former neurosurgeons with sorcerer powers who travel between dimensions.

First, Strange arrived 30 minutes late—traffic on the astro plane was rough—and then asked to see "the demons." Cut to children running around screaming at a birthday party. "I don't understand. Are they possessed?" asks Strange. "Basically, they ate like 50 cupcakes," says Kimmel. Strange offers to vanquish them, but Kimmel suggests some magic tricks. "I don't do tricks," says Strange. "Hey, this clearly says the Mightiest Magician in the Cosmos," Kimmel says referencing Strange's LinkedIn's profile on his phone. "Well, everyone exaggerates their LinkedIn profile, don't they? Look at yours. Jimmy Kimmel: America's Favorite Late Night host," he said. "Well, that's true. Is that not true?" asks Kimmel. "Is it?"

Kimmel eventually let Strange get into his "tricks" for the children, which included making really terrible balloon animals. When the birthday boy wasn't pleased with his balloon animal creation, Strange had an interesting reaction. Watch the clip above to see what happens when Doctor Strange attends a children's birthday party.

Doctor Strange hits theaters on Nov. 4.