Ben Affleck Gave His Son's Room a Makeover That Jennifer Garner Found "Creepy"

We agree 100 percent. 

Boston-native Ben Affleck is what you’d call a super-fan of New England sports teams — and we're not afraid to say it: His fandom has gone too far.

The Argo star’s three children with Jennifer Garner (Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 6) aren’t quite sold on their sports-team allegiance just yet, a fact that Affleck finds frankly unacceptable. During a recent visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the Oscar-winner shared that he took his kids to a Red Sox game and attempted to convey what the team meant to him. He told them, and his son in particular, "’We're really excited because we're from Boston and this a big deal, and the Red Sox,’ and I'm giving them the whole history," Affleck recalled, to which his son countered with a salient point: "Dad, you're from Boston, I'm from L.A."

“I had like a full existential crisis. I failed, I'm a bad father," Affleck joked.

In an effort to “help [Samuel] really understand like where he comes from, if not literally, then at least spiritually,” Affleck had his youngest’s room transformed into a Patriots-appreciation den, complete with a football slide and (get this), a chair modeled to resemble Tom Brady’s head.

Ben was flummoxed to find that his ex-wife thought the chair was “creepy,” ‘cause nothing’s off-putting about a giant hollowed-out NFL player head without a body to call its own … Who needs comfort when you can have a shrine to a head that once wore a MAGA cap!

We’re with you, Jen — stand your ground.

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