We Have a Solid Theory About Why Ben Affleck and Katherine Schwarzenegger Ignored Each Other on the Street

This bizarre paparazzi photo deserves an explanation.

Ben Affleck (actor, director, father of Jennifer Garner’s children) and Katherine Schwarzenegger (author, daughter of Arnold, fiancée to Chris Pratt) were both going on their own respective strolls through Los Angeles on Monday when the unthinkable happened: they walked past each other.

Ben Affleck Katherine Schwarzenegger
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Though both famous in their own right, photo evidence proves that neither stopped to say hello, or even really acknowledge each other’s existence. But, like, all famous people know each other, right? Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, etc.?

I’ll admit, it’s possible that Affleck — amidst his busy schedule of hopping private planes to Little League practice and sitting for giant back tattoos — missed Pratt’s engagement news, but wouldn’t he know, or at least know of Schwarzenegger via her famous dad, who happened to once govern Ben’s state of California?

And OK, California is a pretty vague link, but here’s another: Ben played Batman in Justice League; Arnold played Batman villain Mr. Freeze in Batman & Robin.

But, therein may lie the truth to Katherine and Ben’s stop-and-chat avoidance: she’s simply showing allegiance to her dad. We can’t have Mr. Freeze’s daughter and Batman publicly sharing pleasantries — it would tear the DC Comics community apart (probably).

Our second (and way less fun) theory is that they saw each other down the block but haven’t officially met/don’t know each other well and therefore decided the least awkward way to proceed would be to just feign ignorance. Like, the worst that can happen is you have to be all "Oh! Didn't see you there!" if they call you out, or, you know ... a paparazzo sells a shot of the moment in question and it goes viral ...

Whatever the case, we’re living for this truly bizarre photo:

Ben Affleck Katherine Schwarzenegger
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