Here's How Bella Thorne Handles Social Media Haters

Style Diary - Bella Throne
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With nearly five million followers on Instagram and more than six million on Twitter, there's a good chance Bella Thorne is blowing up your feeds. Here's how she keeps the haters at bay, one hashtag at a time.

What do you avoid tweeting?
I'm a sarcastic person, but I steer clear of dry humor in my posts because it gets misconstrued so easily.

How do you keep from losing followers?
Interaction is the most important thing. I send videos to my followers, chat back and forth with them, and DM them if I see something interesting.

What type of fan post will get you to respond?
Humor. A photo of an animal doing something ridiculous or a funny quote.

What's the social media equivalent of a butt dial?
Accidentally posting something to a Snapchat story when you meant to just share it with one contact. The icons look similar, so it can easily happen. That would be a good scenario for use of the cringing-face emoji.

How do you deal with people leaving negative comments on your posts?
By pointing out their spelling errors. There's nothing funnier than someone trying to dis you but spelling it wrong. I'm dyslexic, so if I'm correcting your spelling, then you've got a problem.

Say you want to share a group shot, but it's not your personal best. Any photo-editing tricks?
I prefer the iPhone's effects over the ones native to Instagram: The Instant filter salvages the most dismal snaps by brightening them up. Download the Afterlight and Word Swag apps to enhance pics and add text.

Biggest Twitter foul?
If you're trying to join the conversation about something happening in the news, don't go on a personal rant. Just share the link with a quick description. You'll attract more followers that way.

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