By Brandi Fowler
Updated Nov 06, 2017 @ 4:15 pm
Credit: liampayne/instagram

Liam Payne's full "Bedroom Floor" music video is finally here, and Bella Thorne is bringing the drama and steaming up the mini cinematic clip as the star of it.

The music video centers on a woman (portrayed by Thorne) who is dealing with her relationship with her cheating boyfriend, and all of her emotions that come with the ups and downs of trying to keep it together.

Thorne shows off a bit of fashion too as she argues and makes up with her estranged lover around her sleek L.A. pad and hits the town with him for a night out at a club. The Disney alum leans in for a kiss near her pool in retro striped pants and a bikini top, and struts away from him at a club after catching him with someone else in a red dress, before tossing his things in the pool in a short red dress and red leather jacket.

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"The concept for the video is that I am speaking on Bella's behalf," Payne revealed on Twitter last week. "So, I am her thoughts and what she's thinking about this guy that she's got a relationship with, which is a little bit broken. But it's very nice. I like the fact that it is empowering on the woman's side because it's not often that you see it from this angle."

"Bedroom Floor" is the latest single from Payne's forthcoming solo debut album, Flicker, which dropped Oct. 20.