Bella Hadid and Winnie Harlow have been BFFs for quite some time now. It all started back in February, with pictures of the gorgeous duo strutting hand-in-hand down the streets of London during Fashion Week.

More recently, the pair stormed the annual Grand Prix Formula One Race in Monaco together, and Harlow posted a picture of the duo during the event, referring to Bella as her "partner in crime." However, the only thing we find criminal about the twosome is just how gorgeous they are.

In their latest joint endeavor, the pair took to the French city of Arles for an epic Dior party, and amazing photos ensued—resulting in the most epic photo shoot in the backseat of a car.

"Sugar and Spice," Hadid wrote alongside a photo of herself in a sheer lace LBD, and Harlow in a red transparent design from the iconic French fashion house. The Canadian-born beauty posted the same image, as well as another with the duo mid saunter.

There's no telling what Hadid and Harlow (has a nice ring to it) will do next, but we will definitely be watching!