Bella Hadid Gives a PSA on Social Distancing While Posing Topless with a Burrito

"Me and my burrito telling you to stay inside!"

Joining the legion of celebrities encouraging their young fans to stay at home amid the coronavirus outbreak, Bella Hadid decided to give her own version of a PSA on the topic.

Topless with a burrito in hand, the 23-year-old took to Instagram to share an informative message about social distancing and her suggestions for passing the time while in quarantine. "Me and my burrito telling you to stay inside," she began her impassioned plea, adding: "Not only for the sake of just yourself but also for literally the entire world and all of the people that you love. It's crazy because all we have to do is work together to slow down this virus and people are still having trouble understanding that...don't be selfish!"

The supermodel then recommended some ways to stay busy at home, such as meditating, hanging out with pets (fish, included), knitting, tie-dying socks, writing a poem for your mom, making TikTok videos, or reading up on your astrological sign. Meanwhile, her tip for staying healthy during the pandemic? Bella puts it simply, "Wash those damn hands people!"

Boobs and burritos — if that won't convince millennials to stay home, we don't know what will.

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