Bella Hadid Hilariously Prank Called Gigi and Pretended to Be a British Fan

If you weren’t already obsessed with Gigi and Bella Hadid’s ultra-close relationship, that’s about to change.

The sister act has been busy with fashion month, but Gigi, 22, managed to sneak away from the runway for a moment to discuss her new line with Tommy Hilfiger on the BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw.

The radio host told the eldest Hadid sib that fans had been “very excited” that she was coming on the show, and introduced one of them, an English girl named Emily.

“Gigi!” Emily exclaimed in a British accent. “I have a big question for you. I was just wondering how you got into modeling. I’m such a big fan.”

Gigi answered humbly, telling the caller, "I actually started when I was really little—Guess Kids—then went back to school, rode my horses, played volleyball, went to university for two years. And then I started modeling in New York.”

“Wow! I love you and I'm so excited about the collection and I wanted to tell you that you are a bright shining star—bright, bright. Keep shining, baby,” Emily responded.

At this point in the conversation, Grimshaw cut in to tell Gigi that Emily wanted to tell her something. Regaining the floor, "Emily" said, “Well, I would just like to tell you that I really caught up on my British accent, and it’s actually—"

“It’s my sister!” Gigi screamed. “That’s what I thought!”

“Oh my God, Bells! [I knew] right when you said ‘Wooow’,” Gigi explained, telling Grimshaw, “You know me and Bella have the same exact voice.”

In all seriousness, the unmasked caller told her big sis’ how happy she was for her: “I am so proud of you. She was so excited this morning to come on this show, so I’m so happy you’re there, Gigi. So proud of you.”

Listen to the full recording here.

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Step it up, little sisters of the world! Bella Hadid has officially set the precedent for prank calling your sibs on public radio.

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