Bella Hadid Got the Most Low-Maintenance Bangs Ever

Bella Hadid Hair - Lead
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If you’re not into commitment, your stylist has probably told you to stay far away from bangs, or that they’re the “Stage 5 Clingers” of hairstyles. You have to invest in regular trims, and styling them in the morning is nearly mandatory. But, nonetheless, Bella Hadid is here to prove that age-old hair philosophy wrong with her latest beauty transformation.

The supermodel showed up to a Michael Kors Spring 2019 party in New York with a fresh set of long, wispy fringe. Normally, one would assume she hit up her hairstylist for the chop and that she has a very long road of styling and trims ahead of her, but Bella made sure to ask for a much lower-maintenance style of bangs: Clip-ins.

Bella Hadid Bangs - Embed
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Yep, that set of incredibly natural-looking, eyebrow-grazing bangs is just a clip-in hair piece.

"When you want to change it up, get a good pop-in," she told "I didn’t ask papa Michael [Kors] yet if I could cut my hair, so it’s just a good pop-in."

Apart from making sure your current hair color matches the clip-in bangs, you'll want to be sure the sides of the bangs blend in naturally with your own hair, or into the layers framing your face. As you can see, Hadid's bangs are slightly longer on the sides.

Maybe give it a shot come spring, when you won't have to worry about hat hair anymore.

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The best part about them? When you get sick of hair falling into your face, or you just plain don't want them anymore, all you have to do is pop them out. No commitment required.

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