Bella Hadid Was Very Chill About Jumping Out of a Plane

Photo: Getty

Bella Hadid may not be at Coachella, but she's having a crazy weekend nonetheless. The 20-year-old model is currently in Dubai, and she embraced her wild side yesterday by jumping out of a plane!

Hadid has been cruising Dubai for the past few days, and yesterday, she took to the sky for some adrenaline-pumping fun with Skydive Dubai. While most people freak out a little (or a lot) at the prospect of jumping out of a plane, Hadid was cool and collected, writing that she's "never felt so calm."

The model posted a video from her jump, and you can tell how enamored she is with the experience, even flashing "rock on" hand symbols as she's falling through the air!

Hadid also shared a selfie with her instructor on the plane, where she looked incredibly at ease, even sticking out her tongue for the goofy pic. She really is fearless!

Later in the day, Hadid got behind the wheel of a sports car to explore, posting a 'gram in which she's posing in the ride while wearing a black dress and gold hoop earrings.

And today, she posed for a group bikini shot with some friends—on a yacht, no less.

She certainly had a more exciting weekend than most of us!

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