Hadid followed and unfollowed Gomez on Instagram, and fans have theories about it. 

Now that many of us are several weeks into self-isolation with screen time and social media dominating most of our downtime, our collective online activity is bound to get a little... messy (and not just because so many of us are attempting sourdough starters).

Over the weekend, fans realized that Bella Hadid followed Selena Gomez on Instagram, encouraging a slew of headlines about how any drama between the two women after they both dated The Weeknd had dissipated. Gomez dated The Weeknd in 2017 during an "off" period in Hadid's on-and-off relationship with him, and the two women unfollowed each other on Instagram that year when news of Gomez's relationship with The Weeknd became public. As JustJared reported, Gomez re-followed Hadid back in November of last year, though the model didn't return the favor until this weekend.

But just as quickly as she hit the follow button, Hadid once again seemed to unfollow Gomez — and of course, fans took notice. Some even theorized that she did so to... anger The Weeknd?

Hadid and Gomez were also both embroiled in Instagram drama last year, when Gomez left a supportive “stunning [heart eyes emoji]” comment on one of Hadid's photos — after which Hadid deleted the post. Gomez found out via a fan, and expressed her disappointment.

According to TMZ, Hadid just deleted the post because she didn’t like it, and reportedly even reached out to Gomez to clear up the situation.

It's unclear what made her follow and unfollow Gomez this time around, but I for one am glad to not be a celebrity and therefore not have my online activity tracked by fans.