Watch Bella Hadid Go to Town on a Piece of Pizza While Wearing Lingerie

On Monday, Love magazine revealed Day 18 of its advent calendar, showing Bella Hadid wielding a sledgehammer in nothing but red lingerie. “Stay strong,” she says in the clip as she flips tractor tires and hammers into them.

“I love beating the shit out of tires for fun,” she said in an accompanying statement.

So how exactly does the model stay so strong? According to a behind-the-scenes video from Love, Hadid got her energy for the shoot from a slice of pizza.

On Monday, Love shared a boomerang video of the model, still clad in Agent Provocateur lingerie, going to town on a piece of ‘za. Hadid looks lovingly at the slice before devouring it while seemingly standing on a sidewalk in the city. She's not the only celeb who enjoys a good slice.

Bella Hadid Pizza - Embed
Love Magazine

Considering Hadid gets soaking wet while filming Love’s video, but her hair and makeup looks totally intact in this clip, we’re guessing the model used the pizza as a pre-shooting snack.

Bella Hadid Pizza Love - Embed
Love Magazine

After all, you can’t just flip tires on an empty stomach.

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