Bella Hadid Speaks Out Against Donald Trump's Immigration Policies

As the daughter of two immigrants, Bella Hadid isn't forgetting her ancestry in an intimate interview that protests president Donald Trump's proposed immigration policies.

The international runway fixture, who took to the streets to protest Trump's travel ban along with big sister, Gigi, in January, opened up about her Palestinian heritage and strong pro-immigration stance when speaking with Harper's Bazaar Arabia. "My dad was a refugee. He came from Palestine to America when he was a baby," she said, as she spoke about the opportunities her father had after he and his family were taken to a Syrian refugee camp.

"Thankfully, he was able to come, but it was very hard and now it's probably 100 times harder," she explained, citing the real estate giant's work ethic, which he passed down to his kids. "It makes me sad that power is getting taken from a lot of people and they're not able to make a new life for their children and their families."

She continued: "It's crazy to me that one person can tell you whether or not you can have a better life."

In light of the president's executive order restricting immigration over the weekend, the young star said she intends to continue to use her influence for good. "If I can't talk about something that I'm passionate about, why even be here? Why even do any of the stuff that I’m doing if I can’t make a better purpose for the world, or make a difference, or try to put light on a situation that is obviously so dark? It’s all really scary," she concluded.

Who knew Bella is such an amazing activist?

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