Bella Hadid Channels Kate Moss in V Magazine

Bella Hadid V Magazine Lead (must link to V mag in story)
Photo: Mario Sorrenti

Is there anything Bella Hadid can't do? From scoring major ad campaigns with the likes of DKNY and Tag Heuer, to walking tons of shows not just at New York Fashion Week, but Haute Couture Fashion Week back in January, it seems everybody wants some Bella.

She's also been gracing the covers of some major fashion magazines, so it comes as no surprise that V Magazine enlisted her as the face of their spring fashion editorial spread, shot by Mario Sorrenti. Sorrenti looked to his former muse, Kate Moss, and her days as a Calvin Klein model to draw inspiration for Hadid's shoot, and we can definitely see a lot of Moss in her look.

Hadid's slicked back, wet-looking hair, minimal clothing, a black-and-white moody tone are all reminiscent of Moss's iconic Calvin Klein shoot.

Bella Hadid V Magazine Embed (must link to V mag in story)
Mario Sorrenti

“Every time we shoot or see [Bella], we always see her being very glamorous," said Sorrenti in his V portfolio, according to WWD. "The photographs always focus on the fashion and less on the girl, and I think she’s such a beautiful, sweet girl. I really felt like taking some pictures of her that kind of reveal a more sensitive and natural side of her. I don’t know her as a public figure, but as a model, I think she’s interesting because she’s beautiful," he further explained.

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"The thing I like about her is that she loves doing photographs and being part of making images and that’s exciting when you’re working with somebody that really gets the process and enjoys it … I work with her because she’s beautiful and interesting, not because she’s a social media personality."

"I feel so lucky to be able to work with someone who I look up to so much," added Hadid of the photographer. "He is such an incredible energy on and off set and so much fun to work with."

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