It's hot out there.


Even though the idea of time is in flux right now and people everywhere seem to be mixing up the days of the week, not to mention the months and seasons, leave it to a supermodel to ring in the changes in a big way. Bella Hadid shared a trio of snapshots wearing a tiny bandeau, flashing plenty of skin, and proving that models really know how to live it up.

Hadid's photos were presented without comment, because the teeny-tiny suit (from Sommer Swim, according to fan account @bellh.closet) says plenty. The emerald-green bandeau top features a gold ring detail and what Hadid shows of the bottoms confirm that it's just as microscopic, with string ties and a high, retro cut.

The barely-there bikini photo shoot is just the latest revealing post from Hadid. Earlier in the quarantine, she shared a few DIY shots — including a completely naked one — for a Jaquemus campaign. While some shots featured sunglasses and a knit top, Hadid's opening image showed her sitting behind one of the brand's signature handbags with nothing on but a pair of chunky summer-ready sandals.

Hadid's quarantine has also involved DIY hair color (and cut!), a very famous cashmere bra, and a very special burrito, which also got to spend some time with a half-naked Bella. So, let's just say that quarantine is a little different when you're a Hadid.