Credit: Courtesy of FOX

Who can you thank for Matthew Morrison's sexy washboard abs? Direct your gratitude to celebrity fitness trainer and nutrition expert Bernardo Coppola, who trains Glee cast members like Cory Monteith, Mark Salling, Jane Lynch, and Chord Overstreet, in addition to Morrison. “These are the hardest working actors in Hollywood,” Coppola told InStyle. “Before they even tape a show, they have dance, voice and line rehearsals. I’m there to pump them up so they look and feel good on camera and can concentrate on their performance.

Indeed, he is—Glee executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck are Coppola’s long-time clients, and they hired the trainer to come work with some of the cast members, either in the studio or at the Paramount Studios gym. After Lynch started training with Coppola, she shed almost 10 pounds. And not only is Coppola on set, he joins the cast on the road, and will be by their sides during the show’s upcoming tour this summer. His biggest tip? Eat right. “I’m huge on nutrition,” he told us. “It’s 80% of training. I don’t care how much you work out, you have to eat right to see results.