Behati Prinsloo Says It's OK That Victoria's Secret Lacks Diversity Because "It's Just a Show"

The scalding water Victoria's Secret is in hasn't cooled with the airing of the brand's annual fashion show on Sunday night.

Chief Marketing Officer Ed Razek's discriminatory comments against transgender and plus-size models have (almost) everyone up in arms, including 2018 VS Fashion Show performer Halsey, who has since spoken out against the brand, noting that she has "no tolerance for a lack of inclusivity."

Another VS linchpin addressing the controversy? Longtime model (sorry, Angel) Behati Prinsloo, whose return to the runway this year marked her tenth Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. It's rare for a VS model to speak out against the brand (or really share anything other than exaggerated praise for the lingerie retailer), and Prinsloo follows suit, skirting a true discussion of the issues by countering that she's "just trying to, you know, live my best life."

In a recent interview, the mother of two told Elle that people need to remember that VS's internationally broadcasted display of cisgender sample-size "Angels" is "just a show."

2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

"I think Victoria's Secret embodies a lot of things," she began, "There's a lot of talk about everything but I think people need to also understand that it's a show. It's not saying negative or positive about any body type, it's 'this is who they are.'" And "who they are," by no coincidence, is almost entirely unattainable for the average American woman.

"We're strong, we're confident, and I think any woman is a Victoria's Secret woman," she continued, "I don't think [the show] says that they're not for a certain type of body. It's cool to talk about it and great to open up a conversation and so much good has happened. I think it's a show. Let's just have fun and not make it about anything and just have a great night and celebrate everyone."

That's a nice sentiment, Behati, but the issue is that "everyone" is absolutely not being celebrated by Victoria's Secret.

"We've all got a body, nobody looks the same," Behati explained. "It's tough, it's a hard thing to do because there's always two sides and I'm just trying to, you know, live my best life."

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